Welcome to the Home of a Medically Complex Child

Wreaths aren’t the only thing that decorate my front door, we also have two very important signs that greet all who visit our home. The first is our “Oxygen In Use” sign, and the other is a set of instructions for all our guests. Our “Medically Complex Child” sign is one of the ways we keep our little one safe from excessive germs.

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This sign saves us from awkward conversations with our visitors. When Rowan came home from the NICU, I always hated asking people to remove their shoes and wash their hands. I was worried they might think that I was a little over-the-top, but once you’ve seen your child fight for their lives because of a common virus you’ll be doing anything to keep them safe!

Signs for Typical Newborns, Too

Even if your baby is not medically complex, your guests should still be taking the same precautions, especially in the early days of life. It’s a myth that exposing them to germs early on is good because “it helps build the immune system.” Common colds, the flu, and other viruses can cause major illnesses and even death in newborns.

How I Implement the Sign

Don’t be afraid to enforce these rules with everyone who comes to your house. If they won’t comply, then they can’t come in. Simple. If someone is coming to my house for the first time, I’ll even send them a screenshot of the sign so they know what to expect beforehand. Add a little humor to the text by signing it, “The crazy mama of a medically complex child!”

I try to make following the procedures easy on our guests. Near the front door, there is a basket filled with everything they need. It contains disposable shoe covers for guests who are unable to remove their shoes, such as elderly relatives. Hand sanitizer is a must, but I also offer the sink to wash with soap and water if they prefer. I also provide Clorox wipes or alcohol wipes for cleaning their cell phones. Placing a chair near the door is also convenient for taking shoes on and off.

Free Printable

Press the button below to get the free printables of these signs. There are two versions available: one for medically complex children and one for typical newborns. Each version also comes in several different colors. If you need a custom sign, message me and I’d be happy to create one for you! My email address is admin@loveemtolife.com.

What’s in the Basket?

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