Soup Season Is Almost Here!

The first official day of fall is almost here, September 23rd. Although cool, crisp autumn weather seems like it will never arrive here in the South, soup season is upon us. I’m one of those strange people who likes to eat soup all throughout the year. I’d even eat it on the beach in June!

Keep Reading to See the Recipe & Video for the BEST Taco Soup Ever!

Taco Soup is a recipe my mom (Sherita aka “Sherri”) has been making since I was young. I’ve made some minor changes, but I still consider it to be her recipe! It’s definitely one of my favorites. When I was in seventh grade, we were studying Mexican culture in school and had a fiesta. This is what I asked my mom to make for the class. It was a hit! Now, I’m sure it’s not authentic Mexican food, but it sure is delicious.

I know there are many versions of this recipe out there. You’ve probably tried it at some point in your life, but I think this one is the absolute best! It’s one of those meals that reheats tasting even better than when you ate it fresh from the pot. Topping it with tortilla chips, shredded cheddar, and sour cream really kick it up a notch!

If you watched my instructional video on how to make Taco Soup (which you should because it’s helpful AND there’s a clip of Rowan’s cuteness in there), you may have seen me add my own taco seasoning mix. I used store-bought taco seasoning packets for years until I tried making my own. Now, I’ll never go back! I’ll show you how to make your own ASAP, but for now just grab a packet off the grocery store shelf! 

In the video, the first tool I used was my “stir & chop” spatula. My dad gave this to me for Christmas last year. It quickly became one of my favorite kitchen tools, and I use it weekly. This thing works for breaking up ground beef while you’re browning and mashing potatoes, among other things! There are tons of different brands that make these. Here are two that I think you’ll like! Click the images below for more information.

Disclaimer: I’m so humbled that anyone cares about my opinions on products. Below, you will find Amazon affiliate links to products that I adore. That means this stay-at-home mom could get a commission for qualifying purchases you make when you click my links! I think it’s pretty cool, but I think it’s even cooler that it’s at no expense to you!

Have you tried Taco Soup in the past? How is your recipe different from mine? As always, if you try my recipe, please leave me some feed back! Comment below!

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Taco Soup Recipe