I researched and over-researched when it was time to register for my baby shower. I wanted the best of the best for my little guy, and I scoured many “best-of” baby registry blogs adding tons of items to my list. However, I didn’t find out about these items until I was in the throes of motherhood. Most of these items are solutions to problems I encountered along the way that I wish I had owned from the start. This is an authentic list of the best must-have baby products actual I love and use; not some random list thrown together, I promise!

Disclaimer: I’m so humbled that anyone cares about my opinions on products. Below, you will find Amazon affiliate links to products that I adore. That means this stay-at-home mom could get a commission for qualifying purchases you make when you click my links! I think it’s pretty cool, but I think it’s even cooler that it’s at no expense to you!

Sposie Booster Pads 

Sposies are the brilliant answer to nighttime leaks! I’ve tried the best brands of diapers, and none of them stood a chance to the waterworks that happen overnight. Then, I found Sposies! Sposies are an insert that goes inside the diaper for extra absorption and protection. My little one’s diaper rashes are less frequent, too, since these booster pads soak up the moisture and draw it away from his sensitive skin. These little miracle workers fit any brand and any size diaper. Click HERE or click the image to see the product!

BABY-VAC Nasal Aspirator

First of all, let me say I am a huge NoseFrida fan! But this product is a NoseFrida on steroids! When Rowan is extremely sick and congested, the Frida just won’t cut it and I get light-headed from all the suck-power expended. A respiratory therapist recommended the BabyVac to me when we were admitted to the hospital for a respiratory virus. I was telling her that I was having trouble removing any secretions with the NoseFrida and the ole’ bulb sucker, and she told me to order this so it would be there when we got home. I did, and I am so thankful for this nasal aspirator!

You literally hook it up to your vacuum! It sounds harsh, but I did try it on myself before trying it on my baby, and I have a Dyson vacuum! It works like a charm. Besides the power it has to suck snot, the next best thing is that you can do the job quickly because no baby has ever liked getting their nose cleaned out! If this sounds like a solution for your little’s congestion, click HERE or click the image!

Tags 4 Tots

If you’ve been following my story for even a little while, you know I have a preemie. One of the things I purchased for him when we started going out in public was this sign for his stroller that says, “STOP! Your germs are too big for me!” I think these signs are a great idea for any baby! Protect your precious bundle from RSV, the flu, and even the common cold with a no-touching sign. I’ve had such good feedback from other moms loving my sign (moms of “typical” kids), so I wanted to share this with you! There are many different designs! Check out this GIRL tag and this BOY tag, or click the images below!

Newton Crib Mattress

Y’all, I am huge on safe sleep! When I discovered this mattress, I knew it was a must-have! It’s a little pricier than the average mattress, but for good reason! It’s advertised as “100% breathable” and “Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk”. I read tons of reviews and ended up using some of my baby shower gift cards to purchase it.

When it arrived, I literally buried my face as deeply as I could to test it out! I could breathe right through it! I had my husband and my parents test it out, too! I was very impressed and satisfied with my purchase. Another awesome thing about this mattress is that you can wash it in the bathtub! It’s completely cleanable after any accident involving bodily fluids you can imagine. Check out a video and view the product HERE, or click the image!


This is basically a nose-picker! Get those boogies out of those little noses gently with this tool! I love using it for ear wax. My little guy has tubes in his ear so they drain a lot of wax! I simply use this tool to scoop out what I can see without going into the ear canal because I once heard someone say, “Don’t sick anything bigger than your elbow in your ear.” If it’s crusty, sticky, or slimy the Oogiebear can get it out! Check it out HERE or click the image!

Freezer Alarm

I was lucky to have a good freezer stash of breastmilk before I quit pumping, and I found myself having anxiety about the freezer dying, unknowingly coming unplugged, or someone failing to shut the door completely spoiling all my liquid gold. My deep freezer has its own alarm on it, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to hear it behind closed doors. Thankfully, I found this freezer alarm that has a monitor that I can keep in the kitchen where I can check the temperature and hear it if it alarms. There are even really fancy ones like this one that will alert your cell phone which sounds really neat!

Wimmer Ferguson Mobile

If you’ve already added a cutesy mobile to your registry you may want to reconsider. Most mobiles that I see on the market add no value to a newborn baby’s life, mainly because of the limitations of their eyesight. Research shows that babies are better able to see colors that are high-contrast, like black and white. A Wimmer Ferguson mobile is perfect for stimulating those little eyes and minds.

This is the one we had when Rowan was tiny, and it has two stages. It comes with a set of discs that hang from the mobile that can be flipped depending on the baby’s level of development. Black and white is the first stage, and the second stage is black, white, and primary colors. Click HERE to check out the mobile, or click the images below. We also have this Wimmer Ferguson stroller clip that he still loves! Also, we added THIS that added motion and music to the moble.

Formula Mixing Pitcher

If you are feeding formula (we did a combination of formula and breastmilk), save yourself some time and get this formula mixing pitcher by Dr. Brown! Making a big batch of formula and storing it in the fridge to use throughout the day is a huge help when you have a hangry baby! This mixer mixes the formula smoothly every time! And you don’t have to use Dr. Brown’s bottles to use this pitcher. I even bought an extra I loved the first one so much. Check it out HERE!

Silicone Diaper Cream Brush

Several friends visited us after Rowan came home from the hospital, and when they saw our diaper changing table, they all had the same question: “What is that?” They were referring to our diaper cream applicator. I do not know how all these experienced mamas had not used this “butt spoon” (as we call it)! It’s not that we think diaper cream is gross, but it saves so much time during those wiggly diaper changes. We keep the brush next to a tub of Aquaphor and apply it it two quick swipes! Bonus: You don’t have to clean the cream off your hands. Get one HERE!

It is my hope that something on this list will make your mama-life better and easier! Which of these items have you already used? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment for me below!

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