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Beat the Hot Car Seat Heat with the Noggle!

Car seats are HOT! This summer has been our first summer out and about with Rowan, and every time I get him out of his car seat, his clothes are damp and his skin is sticky from sweat. I found out about the Noggle when I was making my baby registry, but I didn’t receive one at my shower. As the summer days grew hotter, I knew I had to do something to keep Rowan cool, especially since he wears his plagiocephaly helmet which really traps in his body heat. I knew we needed a Noggle to remedy the hot car seat!

(Pro Mom Tip: Save some of your baby shower gift cards for future purchases!)

What I once thought was a luxury (or unneeded) item, I now know to be a necessity. In my car, the vents are situated where no direct airflow hits Rowan. In the video, you will see that his car seat reached 143 degrees in just about an hour. Can you imagine how he must feel sitting in the hot seat with no air flow? 

By the way, the Noggle is great for big kids, too! They can hold the Noggle and direct the airflow whereever they need it! You can even use the Noggle to keep your pets cool in the backseat!

Watch the video to find out how our experiment went and if the Noggle actually works (spoiler alert…The Noggle is awesome!)!!!

Where to Find a Noggle

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