Welcome to the Home of a Newborn Baby…There are Rules!

“I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby!” says every woman on Facebook doting over newborn baby pictures. We want to smell that new baby scent, listen to the innocent coos, and feel that velvety soft skin. There’s nothing else in the world like holding a brand-spanking new baby. It fills your heart with joy and for a moment your troubles seem to melt away with all the hope this newborn child represents. And we seem to forget that with our hands come germs. 

Every mama has her own rules about who can “get their hands on that baby” and when they can visit. Some only want immediate family, and some want to show off their newborn to the entire world. No matter what kind of mama you are, there is one thing you should be doing for sure: setting rules regarding your baby’s health for all who enter your home.

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The First Step to Keep Newborns Healthy is at Your Front Door

I’m sure you’ve all read those devastating stories of babies who caught a common cold and had to be hospitalized or worse. There was a recent story about a baby who passed away because of a kiss that spread the cold sore virus (read about it HERE). These tiny new lives are so fragile, and we are charged with the task of doing everything in our power to keep them healthy. 

The first step to keeping your little newborn safe from germs starts at your front door. There need to be rules for all guests, even including grandma! It can be awkward asking everyone to wash hands, take off their shoes, and clean their cell phones, so I created a sign to do it for me! I post this outside the front door, and inside too! I even sent a screenshot of it to guests who were visiting my newborn for the first time, so they knew what to expect.

Implementing the Rules

In my entryway, I have a basket of items for my guests to use. It contains shoe covers (for people who can’t remove their shoes, such as the elderly), hand sanitizer, and wipes to clean their cell phones. They also have to meet the requirement of being healthy for at least a week prior, and they can’t come in if they’ve been around someone who’s been sick. You can spread germs before you become symptomatic!

Free Printable Signs

Print off this sign for yourself and your friends who have newborns. You could even place it in a frame as a baby shower gift! I’ve included several different color options. If you need a custom sign, I’d be happy to create one for you. Email me at admin@loveemtolife.com.

Need a free printable door sign for Medically Complex Children? Click HERE!