Hey, Tubie Mama! If you don’t know how to quickly prime your infinity pump bags, then your life is about to change BIG TIME! I’m not even exaggerating! This tip has saved me so much time on a daily basis. Holding down that little prime button on the pump is just annoying. My method for priming works for thick blended diets and liquid formulas! For detailed instructions, skip down to my YouTube video!

I learned this trick from a fellow Tubie Mama, and I’m excited to share it with you! It’s super simple and will have you priming the tubing in 5 seconds! The key is to look on the “cassette” (the part of the tubing that goes inside the pump) for a symbol that looks like a droplet or teardrop.


Infinity Pump Priming Droplet

You will press the rubbery part of the tubing inward, opening a valve that allows the contents of the bag to flow freely! Just make sure the bag is hanging higher than the tubing, so gravity will do its thing to prime the line!

Priming Infinity Pump Bag G-Tube

Watch My Video for Detailed Instructions! 

At-A-Glance Instructions

G-Tube Infinity Pump Priming
Feeding Tube Infinity Pump Formula Priming

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